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How Do Rabbits Clean Themselves?

Rabbits clean themselves using a similar method to cats and dogs. They will lick themselves, using their specially - evolved tongues to get a good, thorough clean. Although this might not sound very hygienic to you or I, it’s the method rabbits have been using for thousands of years and suits them very well. For areas that they cannot reach with their mouths, such as their ears, they will lick their front paws and glide these over the ears. For those really hard-to-reach places, your rabbits will enlist one another’s help. You will often see them cleaning one another, a good sign that they are getting on well.

Rabbits lick themselves to keep their hair clean and tangle-free

If you notice that your rabbit is struggling to keep itself clean, then there may be an underlying health problem. If you notice that your rabbit is lethargic or looking dirty, you may need to increase the frequency of their health checks, or, if you can’t figure out what it is that’s wrong, then you will need to take them to a vet.

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