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Rabbit Tunnel Toys

Rabbits are tunnelling creatures by nature – in the wild, they dig to establish extensive warrens for themselves and for their families. These creatures have a natural tunnelling instinct, and often feel most secure when they’re safely snuggled in a little tunnel. As well as providing enough hay so that they can make such structures in their hutch boxes, many owners choose to accessorise their rabbits’ run with toy tunnels for their rabbits to play in.

Rabbits love having something overhead - it makes them feel safe from aerial predators

The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a tunnel for your rabbits is to get one which is the right size, as if you get one that’s a little too small, your poor pet could get stuck in it. Although rabbits can squeeze into very small spaces, even they have limits! Other things to watch out for include tunnels that are made of a wood that splinters easily, and tunnels that have been treated with anything that’s not fit for rabbit consumption, such as varnishes.

We sell a variety of safe, fun tunnels on our website, available via our Rabbit Shop.

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