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Rabbit Toy Ball

There are a variety of balls that you can use to entertain your pets – for example, food balls, and roll ‘n’ chews. The first of these options provides enrichment by using food (a great incentive) to get your rabbit to run around after it and attempt to wrestle the material out. The second is an enrichment item that doubles as a chew to keep your pet’s teeth a good length.

Rabbits love chasing these toys around their enclosure

Toy balls are great additions to runs, and we stock a number in our Rabbit Shop. You may also be able to find a number at your local pet shop – there are lots out there! Just make sure you buy ones from a reputable brand, that way, you can be more confident that they are safe.

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Miriam, 9 June 2021

Hi how can I attach a tunnel from a hutch to a run , both have wire doors