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Rabbit Chews and Gnaws

Rabbit chews and gnaws are recommended by numerous vets. Like many of their rodent cousins, a rabbit’s teeth will grow throughout their lives, right from when they’re babies! In the wild, a rabbit’s teeth will be worn down through the ingestion of thousands and thousands of blades of grass. Although a pet rabbit may eat a lot of hay, it’s unlikely that they’ll get through enough food to keep their teeth in constant check.

These items are great for helping your pets keep their teeth at a manageable length

If a rabbit’s teeth grow too long, it will not only be very uncomfortable but can even prevent them from eating. As I’m sure you’re aware, this is a very dangerous situation, and owners should take steps to avoid this happening. There are some precautions you can take. Firstly, be sure to provide an unlimited supply of hay, and make sure they have a good, varied diet. This will provide a lot of roughage and give them lots of nutritious things to get their teeth into. Second, you can buy a chew or a gnaw and leave it in your pets’ enclosure. This provides your rabbits with an excellent way of self-regulating the length of their teeth.

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