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Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch

Le clapier à lapin classique Eglu, facile à nettoyer, avec son parcours sécurisé et sa maison isolée, offre un habitat complet à votre lapin de compagnie !

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Rabbits inside the run of an Eglu rabbit house. Everything you will need to start keeping rabbits

The Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch is the modern, easy to clean and safe home for your favourite furry little friends. Developed with leading animal behaviourists and thousands of hours of testing, its unique design enables your rabbits to express their natural instincts, making ownership more rewarding and enjoyable.

The Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch's innovative design offers a fun and stimulating environment for rabbits to express their natural instincts. It has two main areas: the house and a secure outside run. These are available for your rabbits to use at all times, so they can exercise, relax and feed according to their own routines, going in and out as they please. The perfect ingredients for a happy bunny!

A Low Maintenance Rabbit House

Routine upkeep of the Rabbit Eglu is a simple task thanks to the removable bedding tray and lid, and, made from energy-efficient polymers, it never needs to be treated. The Eglu Rabbit House is naturally weather resistant, it will last for years, and at the end of its life it can even be recycled.

Pressure Washing the Rabbit Eglu

You'll find the Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch quick and easy to clean. Its smooth surfaces do not absorb moisture, and with no tricky corners where dirt can build up you can simply wipe them clean. For a deep clean, simply remove the lid and rinse with a hose or pressure washer. Our removable tray makes changing the bedding a doddle, and the droppings make great fertiliser for your plants. Your garden will look great, and even after years of use the Eglu will still look like new.

Rabbits inside the run of an Eglu rabbit house. The Rabbit Eglu has the most fox-resistant run on the market

The 2m run is made from strong steel welded mesh, virtually impossible for predators to break. A unique anti-tunnel skirt sits flat on the ground and prevents animals from digging in. The run offers a huge space for your rabbits to play in and with a height of 80cm it has plenty of room for them to stand upright. You can extend the run in 1m sections if you wish, making the run as long as you like.

The unique tunnel-proof panels have been proven in rigorous testing to be fox and badger resistant. The run means that when you are out and about you can be sure that your rabbits are safe. The dark green coating is designed to let the run blend into your garden and is fully bonded to the steel mesh, ensuring an extremely durable finish that looks great.

The run comes in sections for easy transportation or storage and can be assembled in minutes. You can use the door in the end of the run to stroke your rabbits, feed them and lift them up to groom them. The Run can also be attached to our Walk in Run to make it even larger for your rabbits.

Inside of the Eglu rabbit house showing the feeder and drinker. Removable hay rack, bowl and water bottle

The hay rack, feed bowl and water bottle are mounted inside the Eglu Rabbit House and can be conveniently refilled through the side door. Rabbits are herbivores and hay should form the main part of their diet. The hay rack holds enough hay to keep two medium sized rabbits well fed, and the stainless steel dish is handy for filling with pellets and crunchy vegetables.

Having the water inside the house means it is protected from direct sunlight, reducing algae formation in the bottle, and it will be insulated by the house, reducing the chance of freezing during winter.

Easy Access for you and your Rabbit

Use the front door to separate the house from the run, this is useful if you are cleaning or need to catch a rabbit to move or take to the vets. Easy to use, and perfect when you want to keep your rabbits out in the run while you clean the inside of your Eglu or refill their water and food. To handle your rabbits or refill their food and water you use the handy side hatch.

Operating the front door of an Eglu rabbit house. Easy to open front door
Removing the feeder and drinker from an Eglu rabbit house. Side hatch for better access
Eglu rabbit house with roof off. Refill either through side hatch or lid off
Insulation of an Eglu rabbit house. Twin Wall Insulation keeps your rabbits cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!

The Eglu is specially designed to keep your rabbits warm in winter. The Eglu has a unique twin-wall insulation system which works in a similar way to double glazing trapping a pocket of air which provides a very effective means of insulating the house.

...And Cool In Summer

In summer your rabbits will be kept cool by the Eglu's draught-free ventilation system, carefully designed to avoid air blowing directly over the bedding area whilst allowing fresh air to circulate.

Free extras with every Eglu Rabbit House

When you buy an Eglu you also receive a hay rack, water bottle and food bowl absolutely free! Not only that, we’re so confident you’ll love everything about the Eglu Rabbit House that we offer a 180-day, no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Hay Rack & Large Water Bottle

Rabbit Eglu feeder and drinker.

Bespoke fitting hay rack for your Eglu which holds the hay securely and keeps it away from their bedding. With 600ml water capacity, the water bottle will keep your rabbit’s thirst quenched all day long!

Stainless Steel Food Bowl

Rabbit Eglu stainless steel food bowl.

A handy bowl that you can take back to the kitchen to fill with crunchy vegetables for your rabbits to gnaw on.

Years of Fun

Omlet's rabbit keeping guide.

Rabbits make wonderful pets and the Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch makes keeping them fun and easy. Happy pets and happy owners all round!

The Eglu rabbit house with run in garden with children playing. The Rabbit Eglu will look great in your garden!

The Eglu Rabbit House's run is large enough to give your rabbits the exercise they need to develop strong bones and stay fit and healthy, and they will love being able to go in and out of their house as they please. If you have rabbits which like to dig, you can fit the optional Underfloor Wire to the floor of the run, click here for more information

Although grass is great for rabbits, it is possible to keep bunnies if you don't have a lawn. You can keep the Eglu on a patio area, but you should provide them with a deep sand box to dig in.

Eglu Rabbit House Dimensions Eglu Rabbit House Dimensions

The Eglu Rabbit House is suitable for two medium sized rabbits, such as an English Lop.


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Polyethylene
Run: Double layer fully coated steel weld mesh

Packaging Dimensions:

House: 84cm x 81cm x 69cm (25kg)
Run: 115cm x 36cm x 100cm (16kg)

Patent Pending. Design Registered.

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Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch

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Happy Bunny
Huckleberry my rabbit is very happy in his eglu. I love that I can stroke him when I open the hatch to feed him. I feel assured that he will be safe and warm in his eglu plus it looks great in the garden.
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Green
This reviewer has 1 Lop eared pets
Great for Tortoises too!
Our Eglu classic is home to two very happy tortoises. There is lots of room for them to graze in the run and the actual Eglu itself is cosy enough for them to hibernate in. They put themselves to bed in autumn and I simply stuff it with hay and close the door. I open it agin in April and, when they are ready, they wake up and come out - no more listening to the cardboard box for signs of life! The step up into the Eglu is a little steep for a tortoise so we made a little step and put some carpet down so they can get a bit of a grip (the plastic is a bit slippy for them) Highly recommended for discerning tortoises!
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Green
a fantastic buy - 11 years on
Nicki99, N Somerset,
I recently found my original order for my orange classic eglu, and could not quite believe it was dated 11 years ago! it was bought as a Rablu, then changed to an eglu over the years, but it has been in permanent use for 11 years and is still working well. At the time we thought it was an expensive treat, but it's worked out loads cheaper than wooden equivalents and still looks a fantastic feature in the garden.
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Purple
Best rabbit home ive had!
Brilliant product! Love the colours and the modern look. Brilliant mechanism for taking enclosed area apart to clean and to swing door shut without needing to put your hand in. So brilliant idea if you wanted to contain your bunnies in the enclosed area or run whilst enclosed area is being cleaned. What would make it perfect is if it was like the eglu chicken cube, this would make it a bit more spacious to suit two large rabbits and would make it absolute luxuary for smaller or medium ones. Also it would be raised off the ground more which is even better for rabbits. Otherwise a great buy, and ill definitly be visiting this site in the hope of a raises version like the eglu cube is made. Very happy bunnies :)
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Purple
Rabbit classic and run
Purchased a blue 10 year old + classic from eBay to summer board the school rabbits...the eglu really has stood the test of time. Yes it's faded a little and the runs a little bit rusty in the odd place, but the integrity of the structure is good as new. It's far, far easier to clean out than a wooden hutch for a start and the need for the consumables has decreased significantly. Was nervous about leaving the eglu door open on the 1st night, but have full confidence the rabbits are safe day and night. Fortunate to live close to Omlets head office so popped in for a new cover and screw pegs, which are amazing if you've been using tent pegs instead!! Yes an Eglu is dearer than a wooden combo but that's far outweighed by the longevity of the product and the option to resell when it's no longer needed. Add on the quality of life and natural habits of a rabbit and I wish we'd bought 1 from new in the 1st place.
Review for: Eglu Classic Rabbit Hutch with 2m Run Package - Green
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