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Overburg Ducks

Overburg History

Overburg is a charming town in the Netherlands which interestingly is, not far from the National Poultry Museum. It was bred using selective methods and the breeds sued probably included Abacot Ranger, Welsh Harlequin and even the hardy Dutch domesticated breed, the Hook Bill. It is now exhibited in Britain but has not yet been standardised. It does resemble in appearance, a bluish version of the Welsh Harlequin. As would be expected with ancestors as mention, it its a slightly upright duck and does not waddle. The drake's head and neck are pale lilac-blue with a slight brown overlay and he sports a wide , wide ring around his neck. His breast and flanks are a rich mahogany brown and feature white lacing. The duck has a yellowy brown head tinged with bluey brown. Her breast is a bluey fawn and dark cream to the belly.

Overburg Behaviour

The idea behind developing this duck was to produce a good layer of 150 – 200 eggs a year with a meaty body that is suitable for the table. The breeders also managed to produce a bird that is beautiful to look at. It breeds easily and can raise its own brood. It is active and alert and likes to forage but is calm and domesticated. It is classified as a light duck breed.

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