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Call Duck Ducks

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Call Duck History

The Call duck is a lively, charming little bird with a small body and short bill. The name originates from the Dutch word \'kooi\' meaning trap. They have a high-pitched call which carries over a long distance. The ducks were used by hunters to attract wild ducks towards traps or shooters. The tame ducks were tethered at the entrance of the traps and the more 'calling' the ducks did the better.

The Call duck is a direct descendant of the Mallard duck although through selective breeding they have shorter bills and a smaller body. Call ducks were very rare in the first half of the century but have recently become very popular and now win more duck championships than any other breed.

Call Duck Behaviour

Call ducks are lively and talkative. If you are thinking about keeping a few Call ducks make sure you ask your neighbours first. They are clean, tidy birds and if provided with clean water and good food will keep themselves in good condition. They are also easily tamed. The drake should weigh 550 - 700 grams and the female 450 - 600g.

Call Duck Varieties

There are lots of varieties of Call duck. The ten standard colours are: Apricot, Bibbed, Black, Blue Fawn, Dark silver, Magpie, Mallard, Pied, Silver and White.

Call Duck Status


Call Duck Pictures

A mallard call duck.
A flock of mallard call ducklings.
a black and white duck stood infront of grass
three baby magpie call ducklings with yellow and dark feathers
a group of four young call ducks grazing and eating the crass
two brother ducks being held by their owner
Duck in garden
Duck in arms
Duck on stairs
Duck in garden
a small young duck sat in a bowl of food in a garden
a white mother duck with three young yellow ducklings
two ducks, one small and one large diving for food in water
a small yellow duckling sat on a wooden plank in a garden
a white mother duck and a yellow duckling stood in a garden
a white muddy duck stood in a garden
two yellow baby ducklings in the sun outside
a small yellow duckling sat on its mothers back in a garden
a brown and white call duck stood in front of a blue sky
March ducklings
Cheeky little call duckling
Double trouble!!
Our ducks
Mum, dad and babies, enjoying the sun
'mel' young caramel call drake
7-8 weeks old call ducks
a small brown call young duck
Two ducks walking on some pavement
Three white ducks walking across grass

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I think that are cute friendly just not to my garden - Alycia,

Best Starter Birds - Mia,

We started with 5 and now have 19! They are extremely friendly and nice, the best starter pets for kids.

Lovely birds - Lauren, Berkshire,

Can be noisy and need their wings clipping, but lovely to have them in the garden. They are fine with my rabbits.

peace was never an option - Idk,

peace was never a option

Lovely garden companions - Mavis, Derbyshire,

I’ve had Call ducks for a few years now, started with 2 now have 13

Breeder Clubs for Call Duck

British Call Duck Club


Telephone: 01545 580425

Call Duck Association


Telephone: 01558 650532