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The Campbell was originally bred by Mrs Adele Campbell in Uley, Gloucester, England. The breed was first shown in 1898. Mrs Campbell had mated her Mallard and Pencilled Runner to create a Khaki coloured duck.


The Campbell is a very practical, hardy duck which is a prolific egg layer. The best strains have been recorded to lay nearly 340 eggs a year although it is more common to expect around 200 eggs per year. They are reasonably quiet birds. Due to being bred with Runner ducks they have quite a vertical posture and are sometimes called \"Penguin Ducks\".


The Campbell comes in two main varieties, Khaki and white, which is not a recognized variety in England. The original Campbell drakes had a dark green head, grey back, pale claret breast, black stern and white ring around the neck.

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Breed: Campbells - Chick
Descriptions: Campbells - Chick
Variety: Khaki
Age: 0 weeks
Seller Rating:            1 reviews
Description: Wonderful opportunity to buy a guaranteed girl duckling-we have loads! They will imprint on you as well! Best egg layers and remarkably cheap at this age. Local delivery in Mid, South & West Kent available FREE. Bybrook Barn, Ashford-The best in the South of England! Open 7 days.
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
Collection Only
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Breed: Campbells - Fertilised Egg
Descriptions: Campbells - Fertilised Egg
Variety: Large
Age: 0 weeks
Seller: Happy Hatching
Seller Rating: New Seller!
Description: We have Khaki Campbell hatching eggs for sale at £1 each either collect direct or we can post in poly boxes at £5.50 per 6
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
Collection Only
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Breed: Campbells - Point of Lay Duck
Descriptions: Campbells - Point of Lay Duck
Variety: Khaki
Age: 26 weeks
Seller: Beacon Stud
Seller Rating:            7 reviews
Description: Unbelievable-a few left now wonderful khaki ducks to clear at bargain prices-Beautiful and fantastic layers, fledged and ready for new homes. beacon stud Benenden- great pets, VERY friendly and tame!!
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
Collection Only
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           Good birds

- Philip, 15 May 2012

I got my white campbell ducks from the domestic fowl trust before the ownership changed they were very wild and you could not pick them up.I have managed to get them used to people but they we are still unable to pick them up. They have been wonderful layers and did so all winter they laid more eggs than our hybrids ever did. The damage to our garden was quite considerable.


- Ian, 04 November 2011


- Ian, 02 November 2011

They're good egg layers

           Beautiful lil ducks

- Dan, 16 August 2011

I have kept chickens for many years and decided to get a copule of ducks we got a pair of female khaki camEll that are beautiful little ducks that love to have a bath they both lay an egg a day , although not for the urban farmer As they are extremely messy

           Good ducks

- Sebastian, 15 March 2011

I've got 8 ducks 5 are khaki Campbells and males are really pretty with their blue beaks and girls lay loads of eggs


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