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Cayuga Ducks

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Cayuga History

This breed gets its name from Lake Cayuga, just west of New York, America. They were bred from the wild Black Duck and Rouen. They arrived in the UK when they were shown at the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in 1851.

Cayuga Behaviour

As this breed was developed in North America it is used to harsh conditions. The Cayuga is a hardy breed and both the drake and the hen have good temperament and are quiet. When they first start to lay, their eggs can be completely black and this is a good sign that the resulting duck with have a good colour. The ducks do not remain black for all their life and often produce white feathers as they get older, which tend to appear after each moult.

Cayuga Varieties

The standard variety is black with iridescent green feathers, although recently a solid Blue was developed in America.

Cayuga Status

Fairly common

Cayuga Pictures

Cayuga Duck next to river
Ducks in run
What a beauty
Fine feathers
What a beauty
4 hours old duckling
a large group of black and blue cayuga ducks in a park eating a drinking
9 weeks old
Their unique black/grey eggs
Three cayuga ducks.
2 ducks

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River Itchen - Peter,

A pair in the river, much to the annoyance of the seagulls

Georgeous addition to my flock! - Jade,

Fabulous birds, stunning to look at and layers of large black eggs from Croft Waterfowl. Absolutely recommend.

pretty nice - Duckman46,

nice color and very cool (also very warm eggs)

- John,

Beautiful ducks,I hand raised them but they are prone to wondering. They are also very loud.

DUCK LOVER - Anjolie,

I have a Cayuga hen and she is the sweetest thing! I show her in 4-H and she is perfect doesn't try to escape or anything. I have another duck a Khaki Campbell drake and she doesn't take any of his crap. If you want a duck I suggest a Cayuga. P.S. I have some little ducklings on the way. If you don't have a store that sells ducks I suggest to order the eggs or ducklings from Metzer Farms, they are amazing!

Breeder Clubs for Cayuga

British Waterfowl Association



Telephone: 01892 740212

Domestic Waterfowl Club



Telephone: 01488 638014