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The Appleyard was developed in the 1940s by the famous duck breeder Reginald Appleyard in West Suffolk. He was trying to create the perfect duck with the right combination of \'beauty, size, lots of big white eggs, and deep, long, wide breast\'. It is based on a cross between the large breeds of Rouen, Pekin and Aylesbury. Minature Appleyards were created by Tom Bartlett in the 1970/80\'s.


The Appleyard is a large and heavily set bird. It grows quickly and makes a good table bird. They look very stylish with a classical yellow beak and orange legs and feet. They are quiet and well suited to being kept at home.


There is only one standard colour, Silver. You can also get this breed in miniature.



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Breed: Appleyard - Fertilised Egg
Descriptions: Appleyard - Fertilised Egg
Variety: Large
Age: 0 weeks
Seller: Happy Hatching
Seller Rating: New Seller!
Description: We have Silver Appleyard hatching eggs for sale at £1 each either collect direct or we can post in poly boxes at £5.50 per 6
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
Collection Only
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Breed: Appleyard - Chick
Descriptions: Appleyard - Chick
Variety: Miniature Appleyard
Age: 13 weeks
Seller: Zoe ChickenHill
Seller Rating:            1 reviews
Description: Miniature Appleyard Ducklings available April 2014. Twenty pounds each. Collection from ChickenHill, near Wye, Kent
Location: Kent Show Map
Delivery: Collection
Collection Only
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           Amazing the BEST

- Bobby, 23 January 2013

They are the ultimate duck there is no better

           A great bread!

- Will, 17 July 2012

I have got two silver appleyards, one duck and one drake I got them at two weeks from a breeder in Wales. I have had them for 2 months they settled in very well and now are happily free ranging with my nine hens and are very curious about every thing. They are very hardy and will be out in all weathers. With all of this and there vibrant colours I think that this is one of the best breads of duck.

           Mini silver apple yard duck

- Jane, 12 June 2012

I have 1 male and 1 female mini silver apple yard . I have had my boy since he was 10 days old he is not as friendly as my hens but he can be picked up hand feed and likes to be stroked . I got my girl at 26 weeks old so she is not as friendly as my boy but is getting better the more time i spend with her . They do like to talk/chatter a lot when they see me and my girl wags her tail at me . A very good small duck ideal for gardens as they like to eat the slugs and bugs . A good pet .

           Very nice breed

- Ducks, 25 January 2012

I have had the appleyards for i few mounths i bought them when they were 20 weeks old the have been laying around 5 eggs out of 6 ducks one odd day we got 5 eggs and the next day we got 7 eggs are ducks are not the Friendliness but since the person we got them from raised them to be poultry and where not handled tell we got them i can not say how friendly they would be if raised from hatchling all will say that they have inproved a lot


- Mal, 04 October 2010

I have a male and female 19-20 weeks old still waiting for eggs very friendly and sociable. they love to eat tomato lettuce cucumber strawberrys and their fav is cooked asparagus. kids love them and recommend them to anyone.


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