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Silver Bantam Ducks

Silver Bantam History

There is often some confusion surrounding this duck and the Silver Appleyard Miniature. Confusingly, the latter was developed in the 1980s while the Silver Bantam was developed by the large duck Silver Appleyard breeder, Reginald Appleyard in the 1940s. It is therefore often assumed to be the smaller version of his large breed but it is a separate breed of its own and he developed it with the idea of 'utility' performance – that is it wasn't the looks he was after but an effective layer and table bird. In appearance it is often said that the bird is closer to the Abacot Ranger than the Silver Appleyard although it is thought that the founders of the breed were the result of crossing a white Call drake with a small Khaki Campbell duck. When it was standardised in 1982 it was known as the Silver Appleyard Bantam but the name was changed when the Silver Appleyard Miniature appeared to the name we now it as now, the Silver Bantam. The drake has a black head and neck with deep green sheen (it appears green) and the breast and shoulders have red brown lacing with a silver white belly and flanks. The duck's head and neck are fawn with some dark brown graining and then she has a cream breast with brown streaks and cream under her body. The legs are orange.

Silver Bantam Behaviour

Designed to be useful, it is a good layer but collect the eggs often as she likes to sit on them and brood young. It's easy to breed the ducks but not easy to get the correct markings. It is hardy, healthy and likes to forage but is calm and domesticated in disposition.

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