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Swedish Ducks

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Swedish History

These beautiful birds have a striking appearance with wonderful black heads, white bibs and a lovely light blue body. Their blue colour apparently makes it difficult for predators to see them but in reality these ducks stand out beautifully in any garden.

Swedish Behaviour

They have a calm disposition and are active foragers. They are quite a noisy breed. The females have a loud yelling type quack, whereas the males have a low pitched tone but can raise the loudness of their quack to rival the females.

Swedish Varieties

Although Blue is the only standardized colour - the Swedish will always produce a certain percentage of black and silver offspring.

Swedish Status


Swedish Pictures

two Swedish ducks in a garden
Blue Swedish ducky
A swedish blue duck - it's really cute!
Two swedish ducks standing on some grass
Four swedish ducks walking in single line across some grass
A flock of brown swedish ducks.
Swedish blue duck sitting on grass

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- Holly,

Fantastic duck to have i own some and have eggs for sale available to post anywhere email me to the email provided if anyone is interested in hatching some

Swedish Blue Duck - Linda,

I purchased a POL swedish blue from New Forest Ducks about 10 years ago she laid 320 eggs before finally taking a month off. Her eggs where very large and had good hard shells. She was not garden friendly and quickly turned my garden to a mud patch so eventually had to be put in a pen. The only time she was ill was when she developed respiratory problems when her house became mouldy inside and needed to be replaced as it was such poor quality but she soon recovered. I had her 3 years and she was an exceptional layer.

good birds - Phil,

I apoligise for asking but does anyone have a blue/black swedish drake because I need one. I live in the warkwickshire area

i had a drake - An Omleteer,

I had swedish blue drake and duck they were really nice but i went out one morning two feed my 18 ducks and my wee brother is 6 and he is made counting the ducks. he only counted 17 ducks so then i counting 17 ducks to i could not find blue my swedish blue drake he put his head throuth the wire that keeps them sepreat from the hens the dreake pulled his neke so now the duck is the age to breed and i wish to had baby ducklings i think you should chews this breed because they are kind and friendly.

Breeder Clubs for Swedish

British Waterfowl Association



Telephone: 01892 740212

Domestic Waterfowl Club



Telephone: 01488 638014