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How to Transport a Budgie in a Car

Put the budgie-carrying box where it won't move around too much or fall to the floor. If there’s a car passenger, their lap is an ideal place. Failing that, the floor space beneath the passenger seat is good. If the box is larger than the ‘no room to turn round in’ small carriers that shops and breeders often supply, you can use the seatbelt to help secure it to the seat.

Never put the budgie box in the boot of the car. Not only will it slide around, but the exhaust fumes that accumulate there will kill the bird. Another ‘don’t’ is the top of the dashboard, as it will slide around there too. If you can fit the bird-carrier snugly in the glove box, that’s a good option.

How to Transport a Budgie to the Vet

If possible you should buy a special carrier cage for trips away from home. This should have a fixed perch and padded sides - you can buy ones made of foldaway nylon, a bit like a poleless tent. It helps if the vet can see the budgie before examining it in the hand, so carrier cages are more practical than enclosed boxes. If using a general purpose pet-carrier, scrub it clean beforehand, and make sure the spacing between the bars is narrow enough to prevent the bird from escaping during the journey.

A budgie carrier cage
A carrier cage suitable for budgies

Using a carrier cage is only going to work if you’ve reached the stage where your bird will happily perch on your finger and allow himself to be relocated. If it’s still early days you may have to use the bird’s existing cage (although if the cage is big this is not a viable option). One of the key requirements is a fixed perch, to help the bird feel secure. Use a seat belt to prevent the cage sliding around, and put a cover over the bars to help your pet feel less panicky. The trip is going to be stressful for the budgie, and your preparations are all about minimising that stress.

If your birds are in a larger aviary you will need to have acquired the skill of netting and re-caging them for the journey. This definitely needs an expert hand, and by far the best option would be for your local bird vet to pay you a visit.

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Ash, 13 January 2020

My budgie Max felt more scared with a cover over him, so I uncovered a little so he could se me and he calmed down.