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Deborah, 18 September 2019

I have 6 finches, 2 of them males I was told they are all zebra type, my solid white male and classic orange patch one are best friends I'm wondering why neither male have not tried to mate with the girls.the girls all have that. Crown of feathers in a disarray on top, could my girls be society finches instead of zebras thus causing the males not mating with them? Thanks for your thoughts

Diane, 25 August 2019

I have 2 fawn finches Male and female. One grey female and a black cheeked Male. They all get on in a massive indoor cage. Night time the black cheek Male is really spiteful to the female grey and will not let her in the nest box at night. The grey female has just got its beak turning orange so she is only young. She so much wants to sleep with them all. What do I do

Umair, 31 July 2019

Please guide me how we produce new variety of different cheeks offsprings ?

Priscilla, 4 July 2019

Where in Central Florida can I buy a Crested Zebra?

Mark, 21 April 2019

I have three white finches (2 chicks and the father ,mother passed away after eggs hatched) the chicks are male and female and have become aggressive towards thier father if I try to take any of them out of the aviary the others get very upset! my question is if I introduce a new female would this stop the aggression from the young

Hpott1234@gmail, 22 March 2019

Hi. Just wondering if it is normal to have baby fawn zebra finches with a orange tinge on the back and wings. The wings also look a bit lady. Mum is a chestnut flanked white and dad is a fawn. Ty

Richard, 17 February 2019

Can zebra finches have multi colored babies I had 1 clutch with a blonde baby and have another clutch ready to hatch soon

An Omleteer, 3 November 2018

I have an English male and an American pied silver female that has six eggs right now. I’m not sure if that was wise since the male is twice the size of the female but we are about to find out any day now.

Pet, 27 October 2018

I got a penguin by breeding a female white and a male original the penguins are so cute.

Helen, 6 October 2018

Hi there what mutations of zebra finch should i breed together to achieve a penguin mutation. Thank you Helen