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Ricardo, 3 May 2019

I have a pair of zebra finch' they have laid this morning yet haven't been near it since is there more to come or do they know something i dont? They are a young pair maybe 4/5months

Leslie, 6 April 2019

I have four finches 2 males 1 is a baby and 2 adult females. The one female laid 4 eggs and forces the other female to sit on them! She will sit on them all day then the two parents will sit on them at night and go to sleep. Then in the morning she forces the other female to sit on them when she comes out to get some food and water the mother Finch will fight her if she takes too long eating and make her go back in the nest to sit on the eggs what should I do???

Anita, 13 March 2019

I have four rescued finches. I thought they were all male but the society finch has mates with the zebra finch. They both sit the eggs constantly but there is no yoke inside. Can they cross breed like that? If not is it stressful for the female to constantly be laying eggs? Should I remove them as soon as I see them?

Sheetal, 5 March 2019

Hi! I just found out that my zebra finches laid an egg.what can I give them to make them lay more healthy eggs?

Deb, 9 February 2019

I have finches nesting with 6 Eggs so far. Can I move the nest to the lower part of the cage before they hatch without causing to much stress?

Mitch, 16 December 2018

How do you get finches to lay eggs and sit year around?

Hellen, 10 November 2018

What will my finches do with the unhatched eggs in there nest? Have 3 eggs. Only 1 hatched. It's healthy and about a week old. Thanks. Gouldian finch pairs

Joel, 24 October 2018

good thanks

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