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Comments for Common Gerbil Illnesses

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Seana, 2 August 2021

Thank you for all this great information! I have kept gerbils for my entire life, and all of this is really useful- especially the ear cauliflower thing. I have seen that several times. Thank you again!

An Omleteer, 24 May 2021

Everyone in the comments, if your gerbil still has these problems then take it to the vet! These sound serious. Adrianna, stroking your gerbil against how the hair is naturally growing will of course be uncomfortable, like in any dog or cat. Please don't do that, and the problem will fix itself. It's squeaking because it's in pain, uncomfortable or is stressed, so please don't do that. Bradley, please Google this and find on several gerbil forums that it is either blood (immediately take to the vet) or porphyrin which is caused by stress. Change the bedding or fund out what is causing this. If you prove unsuccessful or think it is blood however, go to the vet immediately, thanks.

Bmckee, 3 March 2021

Plz help my gerbil has black/red patch on stomach and no hair in the area

Bradley, 29 May 2020

Please someone help my gerbils eye is bleeding

Adrianna, 24 May 2020

I don't know why my gerbil is making this high pitched noise when I scratch his back upwards gently plz anyone in the comments tell me why..

Kaylee, 31 March 2020

My gerbil has a red open skin patch with no hair around it. I've been searching around and can't find nothing, please help

An Omleteer, 6 August 2019

Awesome happy pets

Holly, 1 March 2019

My little friend carrot lives in one of your wonderful qute cages however Carrie has a pink lump above his eye I have noticed today and he will be taking a trip to the vet! Your article has helped me know what was wrong with carrot and without this article he may have passed away I'm so great full so is carrot we will be visiting the vet tomorrow so I hope all goes well for him. We are truly greatful for this article thank you omelet from holly and carrie