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Choosing The Right-Sized Dog Crate

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes - and so do their crates! You'll want to make sure that your dog doesn’t feel either like King Kong in a tiny cage or like a small bird in a cavernous aviary. The best size is somewhere in the middle. In this section, we'll go through the points you need to tick off when selecting the right size for your pet. The Fido Studio and the Fido Classic both come in a range of different sizes to suit your needs.

Don’t Buy A Dog Crate That Is Too Small

A dog crate must be big enough to allow plenty of room for your dog to:

  • Sit up straight without having to crouch their head at all
  • Turn around without a problem
  • Lay down on their side with their paws stretched out

Be sure to get a crate that is the right size for your pet

Don’t Buy A Dog Crate That Is Too Big

The most common mistake to make is to overcompensate, and to buy a dog crate that is too large for your dog. It might seem like a good idea to offer your dog a big crate with lots of extra room, but in fact all this does is give your dog the opportunity to use one end as a toilet.

Another thing to remember is that a crate that is too large will not provide your dog with the feeling of safety and security that the right-size crate would.

Choosing The Right Dog Crate Size For Your Puppy

To save having to buy a new crate every time your puppy grows, it is best to choose the size of your crate depending on your dog’s typical adult size, and to then buy a partition which will allow you to resize the crate as your pup grows. This way, you can gradually increase the size of your puppy’s crate to suit them as they get larger. You can use our dog directory to search for your dog’s breed and find out the average adult male or female height and length. Easy!

Choosing The Right Dog Crate Size For Your Adult Or Older Dog

To help you decide what is the best crate size for your older dog, you are going to need to measure your dog’s height and length.

Height: Some dogs are actually taller when they are sitting than when they are standing, so make your dog sit nice and upright and then measure from the floor right up to the tip of their nose.

Length: Ask your dog to stand. You may need somebody to hold a treat for this, so that he or she remains upright when you are measuring their body. Make sure that your dog is standing proud, and then measure from the tip of their nose all the way to base of their tail. Make sure that you measure to the base of your dog’s tail rather than to the tip, otherwise the measurement might produce a dog crate that is far too big for your dog.

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Sarah, 2 June 2021

Thanks for the article! Do you think it would be okay to have the dog bed in the bottom for a puppy or is there too much risk for chewing and choking?