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How Long Should You Crate Train Your Puppy?

It's great when you see how happy a dog can be to get into their crate after a long day. Crates can be very useful items for dog owners - not only do they provide your pet with their own space, but crate training is an important process. Many people believe that crate training should continue throughout the whole of a dog’s life, as it helps prevent certain behavioural traits. If these behaviours persist then 'crating' must continue.

A crate provides your dog with a safe “den”. It offers a quiet and comfortable place to rest at night, as well as a safe area to go when your pup is scared by thunder or fireworks. It also gives you confidence when trying to find your dog in the event of an emergency. We sell two varieties of dog crates on our website - the Fido Classic and the Fido Studio. The Fido Studio is a stylish alternative to traditional dog crates - it's a static unit that slots beautifully into your home. We also offer the Fido Classic, a portable option that resembles some more traditional models of dog crate.

Crates are not only a useful training tool, but they also allow you to give your pet their own space within your home

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can develop in any dog if you stop training them. Good crate training can lower the risk of your dog becoming stressed when left alone. The main cause of separation anxiety is when a pup is left alone with lots of energy but nothing to do.

Some ways to avoid this senario are as follows:

  • To have more than one animal

  • To provide pets with toys

  • To be sure to thoroughly exercise your pet (or pets) before you plan to go out - this way, they'll be pretty tired out when you do need to leave

You must also make sure that, if you are leaving your pup shut away in their crate, they are completely comfortable with being inside it. If you ever notice that your dog is anxious, follow our simple steps in introducing an older dog to their new crate.

Giving Your Dog More Freedom

Many people stop crate training once they have fully house-trained their dog. If you have successfully trained your dog to go to the toilet outside, and prevented them from play biting, barking and stealing food, then it might be ok to stop crate training. However, it's important to remember that all negative behaviour can come back if it is not constantly corrected.

If you feel you are at the stage where you want to stop crate training your dog, it's wise to keep the crate. Not only can it be your dog's 'home within your home', providing them with a safe and secure place of their own, but it can be used again to retrain your pet if they slip back into bad habits.

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