Guinea Pig Fun And Games

Aside from cuddling your pets, it’s often fun to play with them. This can involve putting fun toys in their run, feeding them their favourite treats, or buying a little guinea pig harness to take them on little walks around your garden. Guinea pigs are really entertaining pets, and you’ll find that the more time you spend with them the more their individual quirks and personalities become obvious. In this section, you can read about some toys and activities for both you and your guinea pigs to enjoy.

guinea pigs love playing
Both you and your pets will enjoy a toy now and again

Toys are a great way to help your guinea pigs get the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy. Investing in a puzzle or tunnel can be just what your pet needs - a little more incentive to keep moving and remain active, which can be useful during the winter months or if they're indoors.

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