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Guinea Pig Hideaways

Guinea pigs have a lot of aerial predators and can be a little anxious being out in the open. This is why, whether indoors or outdoors, you’ll want to supply a little hideaway for your guinea pigs to run into if they feel unsafe. A good option is a long wooden arch that you can buy in the small mammal section of most pet shops, or a tube or warren that we supply in the toy section of our website.

guinea pigs love having a place to hide
Guinea pigs often feel more comfortable when there's shelter nearby

When your guinea pigs are playing outdoors in their run, a hideaway is not just a place that they can feel safe, but a place in which they can shelter from the sun. Just like us, guinea pigs can get sunburnt! Providing them with a place to get out of the heat is a very good idea, especially if you intend on shutting the door to their hutch or otherwise restricting access.

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