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Introducing Guinea Pigs To Their New Home

Guinea pigs are really loving pets but they’re often nervous, especially when they’re being introduced to a strange place. They’ll need each other, their own little area, and a bit of peace and quiet to get settled in. If it’s warm enough, we recommend putting the hutch outside (in an area that other animals can’t get into) so that they can get used to their new surroundings without being stressed out by the everyday noises of your house, such as the television, young children, and loud appliances.

Guinea pigs ready to explore
Guinea pigs may take a while to settle in to their new home

If you’re introducing a new guinea pig to your home when you already have a troupe, after the quarantine period it may be a good idea to keep them all separated and to attempt trial introductions of several minutes at a time. This means that your guinea pigs are able to get used to one another without spending 24/7 in each other’s company too soon. It’s up to you to judge how they’re getting along, but some tips are available in our introducing guinea pigs section.

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