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Your guinea pigs will need a hutch to live in, even if you intend to keep them in your home. Whether you opt for a modern hutch like our Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, or a traditional wooden hutch is up to you, but which hutch and run you choose, and where you keep it, requires some careful thought. This section includes information about what types of hutch are available, where to keep them, how to use guinea pig runs, and more.

A good hutch is vital to a guinea pigs' wellbeing. It's their home, and where they'll spend the vast majority of their time. Well-made hutches provide a secure environment for your guinea pigs to sleep, socialise, and exercise, and a good hutch can last you and your pets many years, especially if you invest in a solid, robust model.

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Georgiana, 13 January 2017

I am getting two guinea pigs soon and so i was wondering whether the Eglu go guinea pig hutch is suitable for an indoor hutch as well as it being a all weatherproof hutch for outside.