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Frequently Asked Questions

Guinea pig ownership is a learning curve, and although we hope that the bulk of our guide provides a lot of the key information that you need, this section aims to provide some answers to owner questions that may come up less often.

Guinea pig ownership throws up a lot of questions

These little creatures are endlessly entertaining, and even after keeping them for many years it’s likely your pets still have the capacity to surprise you! This section contains information on topics such as guinea pig behaviour, and reducing odours and allergies.

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Bianca, 3 July 2021

My guinea pig makes some weird noise when he breathes it happens once in a while, I took him to the vet recently and they haven’t told me anything? I have a video of him making the noise if I could send it to someone and if you guys could tell me what it is? It would mean a lot to me!

Alondra, 31 March 2021

Hi I need help I recently found out that alfalfa hay if better when recommended by a vet I give my 2 year old female guinea pig alfalfa hay should I change it should I get her Timothy hay instead?

Kevin, 20 March 2020

My guinea pig keeps chewing on his cage, he is next to a female guinea that is on a separate cage. His chewing is getting quite excessive, wondering what would be a good solution? Thank you

Emma, 16 March 2020

My Guinea pig flinches every time I pet it but I’m always super nice to it. I got it from the pet store. Do you think they abused it?

Jess, 10 November 2019

My guinea pig is 6 and alone as his brother died last year and every winter we’ve kept him in our porch as it’s warmer than outside but not as warm as inside. Would bringing him inside the house this winter cause him any harm (because he’s quite old)?