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What Do I Need For A Hamster?

Hamsters are very small pets, but they will still need a few key items. Here we’ve created a list of what you will need for the first few weeks of hamster ownership, but if you would like some tips on providing care over the first few days then we’ve created a Bringing A Hamster Home page, which is full of advice.

equipment for a hamster
You'll need some key pieces of equipment to look after a hamster


To get you through the first few weeks, you will need:

  • A cage large enough for your species of hamster
  • A food bowl
  • A water bottle
  • A suitably-sized exercise wheel
  • Toys
  • A sand bath
  • Scales
  • Food
  • Bedding
  • A hamster house
  • Nail clippers
  • Scales

  • An exercise ball (optional)
  • Chews or gnaws (optional)
  • A carry-cage (optional)
  • A wide-toothed comb (optional)

If you want to give your new pet as smooth a transition to their new home as you can, then you will probably want to set up all the equipment before your hamster comes home. All of the above things will help you provide your pet with what it needs to live a fun, healthy life. Although this equipment should be enough to get you through the first few weeks, it’s good to be aware that you may need more items as time goes on. For example, any pet can develop health problems that require medicines or treatment items.

hamsters new home
All pets can sometimes develop health problems

If you suspect your hamster has a problem with its health, then we recommend you have a brief look through our ‘Hamster Illnesses’ section, and seek veterinary advice.

If you need more specific information concerning hamster needs, we’ve compiled many pages on multiple aspects of hamster ownership, from Hamster Health to Hamster Housing, to Hamster Food and Fun.

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An Omleteer, 2 December 2023

Chews are not optional hamster teeth constantly grow they need to chew on stuff to keep there teeth from growing too much also hamster balls are really really bad bc they have poor ventilation and they could get foot stuck and hurt in holes also hamsters have really bad eyesight and it stresses them out

George, 1 May 2020

I am looking for a black and white male hamster

Rocio, 12 March 2020

Im getting a hamster soon and this helped me so much!

Kirsty, 12 July 2019

I have 4 hamsters and i easily look after them

Dash_Rainbow, 25 May 2019

Once I read that the chew toys were optional, that's when I KNEW this wasn't a reliable site. Just a tip for all those to-be-hamster owners, please please PLEASE get chew toys for your hamster, or else you are actually torturing your hamster. Their teeth will get overgrown if they don't have chews, and they will get very stressed and bite you.