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Hamster Hibernation

Hamsters in the wild sometimes need to sleep deeply, for example, when the temperature falls very low or when food reserves are running out. However, whether or not captive hamsters should be allowed to hibernate is a topic that is under some debate amongst experts. For the most part, owners do not allow their hamsters to hibernate, partly because there is no need for them to, and partly because there are some concerns about the effect of hibernation on a captive individual, an animal whose body isn’t used to the processes involved with this transition.

hamster hibernation
Hamsters can go into a very deep sleep

If your hamster goes into ‘hibernation’, it can be quite alarming. Your pet will go cold, and be a little limp. If you look at your hamster very closely, you will see it taking very small breaths - so it’s not dead! Put it back in its enclosure and move the whole unit to a warmer spot in your house - this will wake your hamster up, and it should be back to normal within a few hours.

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