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How Much Time Do Hamsters Need?

How much time your pet will require depends on what species of hamster you have. Different hamster species will have different requirements, so to create a tailored answer to this question, we’ve split our recommendations up according to the three main types of pet hamster available.

Syrian– Syrian hamsters must be kept on their own, so they need a little more time and affection from their owners in order to be happy. This can take the form of regular cuddles and playtime, as well as specific mental stimulation in the form of fun toys and games in their cage.

Syrian hamsters are also a little larger than other hamsters, so will need a little more food and space, and may need cleaning out a little more often than their smaller counterparts.

Hamsters need entertainment and stimulation

Chinese and Dwarf- Chinese and Dwarf hamsters are smaller than Syrian hamsters, so these little creatures will not need quite as much food. However, their smaller size does not mean that they should be kept in a small enclosure. Though tiny, these hamsters have lots of energy and need space to thrive.

Unlike Syrian hamsters, it is possible for Dwarf (and sometimes Chinese) hamsters to live in relative harmony - some say that these hamsters need company in order to be happy. However, the more you have, the more space you will need, and you will always need to be prepared to purchase extra space if necessary. If fighting breaks out amongst your hamsters, you’ll need to be able to provide separate spaces for them in order to stop them harming each other. Even if your hamsters appear to get on well in the beginning, this is no guarantee of how they will feel about each other in the future.

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