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How To Rabbit-Proof Wires

If you have rabbits roaming around your house, you will need to take some precautions, as a gnawed wire can be dangerous for all of you. An unprotected cable not only has the capacity to shock your rabbit, but it has the added hazard of being able to start a fire.

Make sure you rabbit-proof all wires within reach

Rabbits chew. A lot. It’s not always because they find things particularly tasty - it’s often due to an insatiable need to wear down those quickly-growing teeth. Thankfully, someone has invented a wide variety of rabbit-proofing equipment for you to safeguard your house with. You can buy specially-designed wire-protectors from a variety of pet shops and websites.

If you do choose to get a set of these, it’s really important that you get those that are designed for rabbits, rather than generic wire protectors. This is because the rabbit-friendly options are made of materials that won’t harm your rabbit, whereas standard wire protectors may contain harmful plastics and chemicals. Exceptions to this rule are if you have been recommended a specific brand of wire protector by your veterinarian.

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