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Are Chickens Allowed In Residential Areas?

Unlike the USA, in which many counties do not allow the keeping of chickens, there are not usually any restrictions in the UK. However, you always need to check with the local authorities, as a small number of districts and properties don’t allow chickens to be kept in gardens.

Again, check with your local council and scrutinise your property to make sure this doesn’t apply to you.

 chickens in towns
Chickens can be townies - usually

Can I Keep Chickens In Rented Properties?

If you rent your land, check the tenancy agreement to see if you can keep chickens or not.

Can I Keep Chickens On My Allotment?

In theory, yes you can - thanks to the 1950 Allotment Act you can keep hens on an allotment if they are for the allotment holders’ use only (i.e. not for business or profit). But always check the local laws and rules. Some allotment landlords take a dim view of poultry, and if there is a complaint about the birds being a nuisance or a health hazard, or if their welfare is affected in any way, the authorities can remove them.

Oh, and always avoid keeping cockerels on allotments. That’s just asking for trouble!

Check out the Welfare Of Animals On Allotments leaflet produced by the RSPCA.

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