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Can Chicken Poo Be Used In The Garden?

Chicken droppings make great fertiliser - but they need to be composted first.

Chicken poo is actually a mixture of faeces and urine, and contains a perfect cocktail of nutrients for vegetable patches and garden plants. It is rich in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

 chicken manure
Chicken manure takes time - but it's great stuff!

However, it must not be used fresh (known as raw). The nitrogen will actually burn and destroy plants unless the poo has been composted first. Using a mixture of soiled coop bedding and droppings, turned frequently in a composter, you will have a rich chicken manure garden fertiliser in six to nine months after the last raw droppings were added.

Dug into soil, this manure provides a great environment for vegetables of all kinds. Many chicken owners swear their crop is bigger and better as a direct result of the chicken poo.

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