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How Much Do Chickens Cost?

Keeping chickens can be a relatively low cost pet, but unlike lots of other pets they produce food for you! You can even sell the eggs to friends and family. There are start up costs which can be expensive but the cost of keeping chickens when you have got all the things you need is surprisingly cheap.

chickens free ranging inside fencing and walk in chicken run
With Omlet's amazing range of products it's easy to keep chickens happy!

Below is a rough guide to the cost of keeping chickens. These costs are based on having 4 chickens. As with most things how much you spend can vary massively. You can choose to keep chickens on a budget or spend a lot of money. You tend to get better quality with higher priced items. It is generally better to spend more at the start on purchasing good quality products rather than going for the cheap option and ultimately having to spend more to replace broken things. Items with an * are optional. You may not need to buy these things.

One Off Costs

 Coop  £350 - £1000
 Feeders and Drinkers
 £10 - £40
 Chicken Fencing *
 £50 - £100
 Entertainment and toys *  £5 - £150
 Chickens (per chicken)  £5 - £50 (x4) = £20 - £200
 Total (based on buying 4 chickens)  £420 - £1490

girl feeding chickens in chicken fencing enclosure
Keeping chickens does not have to be expensive.

Running Costs - For 1 Year Keeping 4 Chickens

 Feed (for 1 x 20kg bag which will last 4 chickens a month)  £9 - £15 (x12) = £108 - £180
 Bedding (will last a month)
 £3 - £13 (x12) = £36 - £156
 Health supplements (wormer, mite powders, tonics*, supplements*)
 £60 for the year
 Total  £204 - £496

As you can see from the above tables, chickens can be quite cheap compared to other pets. And when you factor in the savings you are making from no longer having to buy eggs they are even cheaper.

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Beth, 8 May 2021

Very helpful page. We are looking to buy some ex-battery chickens and hope that everything here is true. Gives me a good idea of what to expect and how to treat our chickens!