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Do Single Chickens Get Lonely?

Yes and no. Hens are social animals and tend to spend their days in loose flocks, foraging, resting and sleeping at the same time as their sisters. They take comfort from knowing their place in the ‘pecking order’, (even if they are actually at the bottom of the pile!), and may become a little nervous and lost if they find themselves alone.

Welsummer Chickens
A Welsummer hen - will she get lonely?

However, a chicken that has become very tame and enjoys your company will not miss her sisters particularly. They are, when it comes don to it, very independent birds, able to look after themselves from just a few hours old.

So the rule of thumb here is:

  • A hen who is used to other hens and is not particularly tame WILL get lonely on her own
  • A hen who is more like a family pet and has you and the family as her ‘flock’ will hardly notice the other chickens are missing

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