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Can You Keep A Chicken As A Pet?

Some breeds of chicken are friendly enough to be considered pets. The key is to get the right breed, and to hand-tame them as soon as possible while they are still chicks (and before they start laying eggs).

The tamest breeds, and therefore the ones most likely to become friendly pets, include Brahma, Cochin, Easter Egger, Golden Buff, Orpington, Silkie, Sussex, and any of the ornamental bantams.

Chickens as pets
Chickens as pets?

Taming Pet Chickens

The key to taming a hen is handling. If the chicken is used to being handled, she will not be afraid of humans. Chicks and young hens should be picked up regularly if you want them to behave in a friendly way towards you.

Be warned, however, that once a hen is unafraid of you, she will be begging at your heels like a dog, and will have no shame when it comes to flapping up onto the garden table while you’re having an outdoor lunch!

Take a look at our How To Tame Your Chickens page for more advice.

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