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Comments for What Types of Hamster Are The Friendliest?

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Tara, 14 August 2021

I am looking for another angora hamster. They seem to be hard to find. Mine died years ago. He lived 4 years. Anyone know where I can find one?

Arizona, 22 April 2021

Hi Lily! I'm not sure where you got Gizmo, but I used to work at Petco and wanted to give you some background on pet store hamsters in case you got him from a store: the hamsters unfortunately do not get handled much while at the store, but they seem to find homes so quickly that you probably have lots of time to tame Gizmo. Something we noticed was that whenever we would open their cages it would be to put a treat (piece of lettuce for example) in for them. Maybe Gizmo associates your hand and fingers with food and nips at them to see what you brought for him :). If that isn't the case, I still think you can win him over with lots of interaction. Give food items only after you have taken him out of his cage so he won't be expecting a tasty treat. Reward him with food and create positive experiences. Soon he will perk up when he hears you coming! There are some fun YouTube videos you can watch to give you more ideas. You sound like a wonderful caregiver that is going to make your hamster very happy. Wishing you and Gizmo well!

Lily, 11 April 2021

I am 10 years old and my parents just got me a Syrian hamster!!!!!!!!! So excited! I got it last night but this morning I put my finger through the cage and it tried to bite me! I have to tame it! Does anyone know how to tame my hamster Gizmo?

Zoe, 9 March 2021

I have gerbils right now but I am either going to get rats or a hamster, which are better for handling and cuddling?

Coco, 10 May 2020

Help! I don't know if I should get Syrian or dwarf! They are both do cute and cuddly but both have there ups and downs.

Joe, 24 April 2020

so im tworn i want a tebby bear hamster but i read something about they like to stay in there cages and a dworf hamster i have had before and they tend to bite but they are fun to watch but teddy bear hamsters are mostly up at night and i will bearly see it so can someone help me with a disision

Marius, 16 April 2020

Honestly, I really like and respect Syrians and Dwarfs, but how come no one ever mentions Djungarians? Theyŕe so great and cute, and they DON´t bite you if they get mad, only oter people!

Clare, 19 March 2020

Hey I think ur right In the way that u mentioned it. Thanks Clare Brice

Petsloverplanet, 4 February 2020

hey...! I think Syrian hamster is best pet. If you train him he will never bite you.

Shalonda, 12 January 2020

I've heard the best to get is a teddy bear hamster and they dont bite they may nibble but they just be tryna play like a baby kitten or puppy does

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