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Signs Of Illness In Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can get ill. Dogs are very good at hiding pain, but if you think your dog might be a bit on the poorly side then there are some signs you can look out for by doing some routine checks or simply observing their behaviour.

An upset dog having an injection
An upset dog having an injection

Changes Of Behaviour

If your dog appears to change his habits without any obvious reasons, it could mean that he is unwell. Look out for changes in your dog’s appetite, drinking habits, toilet habits, and desire to exercise.

There are however a few situations that can cause your dog to change his habits which may not be the result of an illness. For example, introducing another dog or pet, not being accepted by another pet, losing one of your other pets, and in bitches, coming into heat and false pregnancies.

You should also look out for excessive grooming in specific areas of the body, heavy panting, changes in temperament or behaviour, not wanting to be held or fussed, shyness, sleeping more, unusual aggression towards people or other animals and antisocial behaviour. Your dog should also respond to noises as normal, as long as it is not deaf. If you notice that any of the above behaviours persist for more than a day then you should get in contact with your vet.

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Wyatt, 30 January 2019

dog 12 yrs old (a bitch) seems to be urinating or scenting at an rate which is concerning sometimes spending a long time squatting to urinate with very little coming out ?Any suggestions as to problem??