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Dog Nose Problems

Dogs have really powerful noses, they can pick up on lots of different scents at the same time and have even been known to smell cancer and save humans lives. One aspect of a dog’s nose that is particularly important is the moisture, as the moisture helps your dog to capture scent particles. The temperature or the moistness of a dog’s nose cannot be used to accurately tell the health of a dog, but obvious signs of bleeding, discharge, or crustiness should be taken seriously. If you are unsure then it is safer to contact your vet. If your dog’s nose is cracked and appears sore then he might have a skin disorder.

A dog with a healthy looking nose
A dog with a healthy looking nose

Dry, Flakey Dog Nose

If your dog has a flakey, dry, red nose then he may be a bit sunburnt. If your dog has a runny nose and the mucus appears bubbly or any other colour than clear, you should ask your vets to check if there is something wrong.

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