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Hamster Climbing Toys

Some varieties of hamsters really love jumping and climbing, particularly some of the Dwarf species. In the wild, hamsters would climb through tunnels or scramble through vegetation, and so they’ll really enjoy the chance to mimic that behaviour in captivity.

You might find that your hamsters climb on their cage bars, or, if you have a Qute, then they’ll probably enjoy zipping up and down through the connecting tube. You might also want to provide them with a little rope close to the floor, or a small climbing frame. Be careful not to provide anything large enough that your hamster could hurt itself falling off of.

Hamsters love clambering all over things in their cages

We provide a number of toys on the Omlet website, such as the above - a cute little rainbow bridge for your hamster to clamber over. Some other options include:

  • Low horizontal ropes
  • Climbing frames
  • Seesaw tunnels
  • Perches

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