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Hamster Keeps Falling Over

A hamster that keeps falling over is often suffering from a problem with its vestibular system. The vestibular system is the set of tissues within mammals that help us balance.

If your hamster also tilts its head to one side and wobbles as it walks, then it has likely got a problem somewhere within its ears, such as an infection or tumour. Ear infections can often be treated by a vet through a course of antibiotics, but if it’s a more serious problem, like a tumour, then the problem may be more difficult to treat. We recommend that you take your hamster to the vet for a diagnosis and treatment.

A hamster with an unsteady gait could be suffering from a problem with its ears

Another reason that your hamster could be a little unsteady on its feet is that it has recently suffered a stroke. If your hamster sways as it’s walking, tilts its head a lot, or walks in circles, then your hamster could’ve recently suffered a stroke. For more information on strokes, have a look at our hamster illnesses page.

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Gabby, 1 May 2021

My hamster is 3 but for bast few days shes been shaking and not being as active as she normally is we spoke to the vet and they just said it's old age, she wont eat and will only drink when shes helped is this because shes old or could there be something else

Kianeu, 18 March 2021

I've just lost my daughter's hamster we only had her 2 weeks she was fine in the morning gone by the evening she was walking in circles her spine arched up it was heartbreaking I took her to the vet who charged me a fortune but had no idea, she had painkillers when she passed so that's something ???? anyone any advice as to what happened her stools were normal she was mega active up until that evening, I have videos of her behavious

Jan, 2 May 2020

My hamster falls over and rolls over when walks. Often just lays in tube

Breeana, 25 February 2020

I came home and my hamster was very disorientated and can barely walk . She sways as if she can't steady herself when when you try to help her with her water bottle and other things . And she falls/rolls around when she tries to walk I think she might of had a stoke or something but I'm not sure any thoughts?

Kat, 13 January 2020

I hope i am not too late, can you explain what the symptoms are?