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Pen, 11 September 2018

Thank you for this amazing information. Will be bringing my two boars in soon.

Stacey, 15 July 2017

This is by far the most informative, comprehensive site I've come across. Very helpful, I refer to it often thank you

Blobfish, 23 March 2017

I am sitting here reading this with my two guinea pigs Oreo and Snickers

Josie, 27 July 2013

Very helpful and informative website,thankyou

Nicki, 27 June 2013

have been all over this site as have a variety of animals and have to say how good it is. Very informative with an undertone of wit! Brill

Barbara, 11 January 2012

I have had Guinea Pigs off and on for yrs and this was the most informative site I have seen! Thanks for the info! B

Kathryn, 6 January 2012

absolutely brilliant information all in one place to and learn about the needs of a guinea pig before purchasing one. x

Your, 15 December 2011

Thank you so much for this comprehensive easy to read information. Just about to get 2 piggs and feel more confident now about what they need.

Kelly, 27 November 2011

so much usefull information,in one place for a change......very helpful!!!

Julie, 5 October 2011

Great site, lots of helpful information. Thankyou

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