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Mark, 21 February 2020

Since a North American Cardinal is a finch, could one be bred to a domestic yellow Canary?

Diana, 2 August 2019

I recently got an aviary for my three pair of super finches. It is 7 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. But how far from the ground should I place their nesting boxes? I don’t want fledglings to fall too far and maybe break a leg

Renald, 12 June 2019

Got a better nesting box, now my zebra finches will not go in or even start a nest.

Angela, 27 April 2019

I got a bigger cage for my finches. I cleaned out their nest boxes and put them in the bigger cage and now they won’t use either of the nest boxes. What happened? And how do I get them to use them again? I didn’t clean out the stuff they put in their nest box just the eggs.

Lyz, 7 April 2019

Once babie finches have left the nest, should they be removed from the aviary, when old enough would the dad try to mate with his young. Thankyou

Nicole, 7 April 2019

We have a pair of finches who have made a nest inside my light - tonight we put a camera nearby and I have not seen them for about an hour. My question is do they usually sleep in the nest at night ? I’m afraid they will not return now and maybe we somehow scared them ?

Lydia, 10 January 2019

I have a cage with 2 budgies the size is 21”x 29”x 32” I am buying 2 zebra finches. Would I be able to put the finches with the budgies? The budgies aren’t breeding, but the finches will. I also have 2 doves that are in the same sized cage. If I can’t put the finches with the budgies could I put them with the doves? Please answer soo

Rosealine, 5 November 2018

Hello, earlier this year I bought a few finches. I had a large spare cage with a bamboo straw nest, so I put them inside and my society finches weren't really that into the nest, but my zebra finches loved it. They always put tissues and strings inside, and always "go to bed" there. Whenever the lights are turned off, they know that its time to head to the nest. Yet, my zebra finches have never laid eggs. It seems as if my male finch is more into the nest than my female finch, and he always manages to convince her to into the nest with him by signing. When they are in the nest, they just sit there. A few weeks ago, I bought white zebra finches (male and female) and the two yet again love the nest and love sleeping in it. Is there something wrong with my finches? Please help. Thank you.

David, 3 November 2018

I have a Zebra Finch nest with 3 Chicks in, one of my Bengalese has started going in and sitting with the chicks, I'm worried because it does not seem right and obviously it will not be feeding the chicks like the parents Zebras. What should I do?

Linda, 2 November 2018


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