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How To Pick The Right Guinea Pig

There are several things to consider when choosing the right guinea pig, and one of the first is deciding which breed of guinea pig you’d like to own. Unlike cats and dogs, there’s not much difference in temperament or innate instinct between guinea pig breeds, so for the most part all that should be thought about is which one you like the look of best!

Next up, the thing to think about is where you’d like to get your guinea pig from, as shelters and breeders come with different pros and cons. Shelters are fantastic and you can really help a guinea pig in need, but if you’re absolutely set on a particular breed then adopting from a shelter may mean that you’ll have to wait a little while until guinea pigs of the breed you’re after come up for adoption. Whilst you’re more likely to quickly find the type you want from a breeder, you’ll need to make sure you’re purchasing a healthy animal from someone who’s not running an immoral guinea pig farm.

a guinea pig posing
There are many different types of guinea pig to choose from

To sum up, if you’re after an especially rare or new guinea pig breed, then expect to put in a bit of work – and money – into finding some, but if you just want some guinea pigs that appeal to you then you don’t have to wait long at all. Just pop into a shelter and you’re likely to fall in love with one very quickly.

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