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Should I Adopt Or Buy A Guinea Pig?

Adopting a guinea pig is a really kind thing to do, as there are lots of guinea pigs throughout the country that are in desperate need of homes. First time owners of all pets can be wary of getting their new companions from a sanctuary, but this shouldn’t be a problem – it’s rare for there for there to be any problems that would mean that they’re not a good choice for first time owners. Guinea pigs are loving, docile creatures, but can be a little shy. Some people are under the impression that if the guinea pigs are cautious and shy in the shelter that they’ll always be like that – this isn’t true! Give your guinea pigs a little love and affection and they’ll open up to you.

healthy happy guinea pigs
Guinea pigs can be shy at first, so exercise a bit of patience

If you do decide to buy instead of adopting, you’ll need to take steps to be sure that you get your new pet from a reputable source. Mainstream pet shops are safe, but buying from breeders can be a little risky. There’s always the danger that you’ll be giving money to a guinea pig farm, which are places that mistreat the animals and force sows to bear litters too early and too often. Not only that, but the guinea pigs produced from these places are often unhealthy, and are unlikely to live that long.

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