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There are a wide variety of symptoms of guinea pig illnesses, but in general you can cover most issues by being aware of your guinea pig’s weight, coat, eyes, ears and mouth. If you notice problems in any of these areas then we advise having a quick look at our common illnesses section to try to figure out the problem, and then you may need to take your guinea pig to the vet.

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Guinea pigs can suffer from a wide variety of health problems

Although there are a lot of guinea pig illnesses, guinea pigs are more likely to suffer from some issues than others, so it’s advisable to be on the lookout for bloat, bladder stones, cysts, uterine, tooth, foot or scent gland problems, stained urine and parasites. You can read more about all of these problems via the link above, but as there are so many potential illnesses it's a good idea to have a good guinea pig illness encyclopaedia too.

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