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How Do I Treat My Guinea Pig For Ticks?

If you spot a tick on your guinea pig, then it’s best to leave it to a professional. The mouthpiece will likely remain embedded in the skin, so once the pest has been removed then the area will need to be thoroughly disinfected to give your guinea pig the best chance of not developing a bad infection.

a group of healthy guinea pigs
We advise you leave removal to a professional

Ticks can be caught by guinea pigs, dogs, and humans alike. They are a form of bloodsucking parasite, which are capable not only of causing discomfort but also of spreading disease. Although it may be tempting to get these creatures off of your pet as quickly as possible, it is best for all concerned if they are removed properly by a professional, who will have the right tools for tick removal, and who can supply you with the proper medication should your pet require it post-operation.

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Julie, 9 February 2020

My Guinea pig has hair loss above his nose n looks like scabs

Briana, 26 January 2020

My guinea pig is losing hair above his nose and it has a scab what should I do