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How Do I Treat My Guinea Pig For Fleas?

If you notice that your guinea pig has fleas, then you’ll need to purchase a special guinea pig-friendly flea spray or shampoo from your vet. Flea products for other species may contain chemicals which are poisonous to guinea pigs, so your guinea pigs will need a species-specific version. Adults should follow the instructions carefully, but bear in mind that it may be a good idea to give your guinea pig a bath first so that there’s no grease or dirt getting in the way of the treatment. You’ll need to treat your guinea pigs all at the same time, as well as thoroughly cleaning out their home and treating any other pets you may have that are liable to get fleas.

keep an eye out for fleas
Fleas are transferred easily between animals

Fleas can be transferred between guinea pigs, other pets, and humans. You can use species-specific treatments on your other pets but be careful not to get these products near your guinea pigs.

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