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Can You Put A Baby Guinea Pig In With An Older One?

Yes, this can often work quite well. Older guinea pigs are less likely to perceive the smaller, younger guinea pig as a threat and so pairs like this tend to get on relatively well. Keep a close eye on them for several hours to ensure that they're getting on well, and have a look at our section on introducing guinea pigs for tips on doing so as safely as possible.

Old and young guinea pig
Old and young guinea pigs can get on well together

As well as watching them carefully over the next few weeks to make sure that the older guinea pig isn’t bullying the younger, it's a good idea to be aware that female guinea pigs reach sexual maturity sooner than you’d think. Sows can become pregnant at just five weeks of age, which is highly dangerous.

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Quinlin, 10 April 2020

I have 2 baby guinea pigs and they're in a separate cage than the adult female but her cage is bug-fested and need to get rid of it. Can I put her in the babies cage? They're all girls btw.

Kiley, 13 March 2020

My guinea pig just passed away and I dont want the other one to be lonely. The new guinea pig is probably going to be a baby. Can i put them in the same cage together with and adult male?

Darren, 5 July 2019

i have just brought a new cage for my guinea pig who has just loss her friend .will it be ok to put her in new cage or will it make ill being so soon after loss

Kadence, 4 March 2019

So, I have a male adult guinea pig and a baby guinea, but it's old enough to be separated from the mother. Is it safe to try to get my male adult guinea pig and the baby male to bond, so I can put them in the same cage?