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How Do Rabbits Catch Myxomatosis?

There is some degree of disagreement about how myxomatosis is transmitted. Whilst everyone agrees that the disease is spread by biting insects, there is some argument over the idea that being in close proximity to an infected rabbit can spread the disease as well. To some extent, this argument does not matter, as, if the rabbits are close together, it is more likely that the biting insects will pass the disease between them. Either way, there are two things that you will want to keep your rabbits away from as much as possible: biting insects, and infected individuals.

Myxomatosis is a real threat to your pets - it can be fatal, so be sure to vaccinate them

One of the most common transmitters of the disease are fleas. Keeping a clean hutch, limiting the likelihood of your rabbit catching the pest from another animal, and using rabbit-friendly flea repellers are all likely to help. However the most important thing to do is to vaccinate your pets against this threat. Consult your veterinarian for more information.

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