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Easy Checks For A Healthy Rabbit


Your rabbit's eyes should be bright and clear. There shouldn't be any discharge or dullness. If you notice any discharge it could be that your rabbit has scratched its eye, or, if it is cloudy then the problem could be related to its teeth. Either way, if you notice that your rabbit has a problem with its eye, a trip to the vet is recommended.

As you get to know your pets, you'll build a good picture of what they're like when they're healthy


There shouldn’t be any lumps between your rabbit’s digits, and the feet should be free of cuts and swellings. The fur on the bottoms of the feet should be free from matting.


If you spend a few moments watching your rabbit you should see its nose twitching regularly. As with the eyes, the nose shouldn't be runny. If it is, it could be a sign something isn't right.


Should not be overgrown, chipped or broken. The top and bottom two should both be the same length as the one directly next to it.

Rear End

Check for any dirt on the fur. Dirt is a sign that the rabbit's diet is too rich and they consequently don't need to eat the caecotrophs they produce, and so these will not be removed and will build up. There are a variety of reasons why rabbits get dirty bums. Your vet is the best person to speak to if your rabbit's rear is frequently soiled. It is especially important to check twice daily for any soiling in the summer. At this time of year areas of dirtiness will quickly attract flies to lay their eggs, which hatch into maggots within a matter of hours. This causes a condition known as flystrike, and it can very quickly prove fatal to your pets.

Eating and drinking

It’s important to make sure that all of your rabbits are eating and drinking as usual. A loss of appetite can be a strong indicator of poor health.

A rabbit's eyes should be clear and bright


The fur should be clean, and free of dirt. There should not be any dandruff, white matter or brown material. There should be no bald patches, or things moving in the coat.


The stomach of your pet should not be swollen or distended, and they should be free of cuts, inflammation, bruises and unexplained lumps. Their legs should be strong and not twisted. Your rabbit’s gait should be relatively smooth, not rigid.


A rabbit’s ears should be free of wounds, lumps, excess wax, discharge and brown or white material. They should also be free of dirt.

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Bee, 3 April 2020

This article is helpful, though please do not recomend the vet merely because you do not know what to do. Going to the vet is a waste of money and time. I own a rabbitry (Bee's Beautiful Bunnies) and have never once taken any of my rabbits to the vet. If you would like information on how to cure your rabbit naturally, please contact me at: !

Fionnuala, 31 December 2011

There needs to be more detail in all paragraphs and tell to you how to help the rabbit if you cant get it to the vet.

Carrie, 24 August 2011

Reviewing your article for evidence in my college work, Fantastic work - keep it up.