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Lovely characters. - Wendy, Somerset,

If you are looking for a pretty, small and friendly duck for the garden, call ducks are just the thing. The only drawback if there are neighbours nearby is that the girls are very noisy, the boys are much quieter! There are many pure colours to choose from (I myself have apricot, white, bibbed chocolate and lavender), as well as various mixes. If noise isn't a problem these are really the nicest pet ducks.

The ultimate in no hassel pets - Chubby,

I have two little call ducks - one male, one female and they are the cutest, nicest little beings! They do absolutley no dammage to my garden, are very clean (except their bath water needs daily changing), don't poop much on the paths or even in their house and are nowhere near as noisy as people had made me believe they would be.

Cutest, innocent, loveliest,funniest ducks in the world! - Alexandra,

There the perfect pet, good With children,other pets and are clean and tidy (compared with other ducks) and they are sweet and so so friendly. Theft are good protective mothers and fathers as the drake of my ducks will attack the cats and dog if they go to close to there nest. Alought they are good perents the ducklings need a lot of help braking out of there shell as calls there not the strongest of breeds. Finally I wouldn't recomend call ducks to anyone with close who wouldn't like the sound of very loud ducks echoing through there house. :)

I have always had chickens but I love my call ducks! - Holben,

They are so friendly, brilliant with children. Great with my dogs and are such fun to watch!!! Change their water regularly to keep them healthy and enjoy x

- Matt,

what a pick me up - Morag, Somerset,

after 30 years working outside with horses, I am now mostly house bound. What a shock, well thanks to call ducks I am enjoying every minute. I have now got 9 babies and 4 adults all home bred. Its hilarious watching them swim under water like torpedoes, try to climb up your leg for their turn on your lap for meal worms. Sadly the small garden isnt big enough for 13 ducks so will have to sell a few, how hard will that be! Several neighbours visit too if only I could fit a horse in too. My cocker spaniel, guineapigs and cat all lie in the garden together argh. Oh the fun

Entertaining! - Malcolm,

I've got a pair of calls so far an apricot female & lavendar & black male & hoping for another pair very soon, ideally a white another male. They are really charming, enquisitive & amusing. I've only had them about 6 weeks ..second hand ..over a year old...and already i have them eating out of my hand & responding to my whistle or a shake of the meal worm tub...which i think they would kill for.! they love them so much...a great treat to bribe them with, when taming them! The female can be noisey ..usually around 6am, she goes "quackers", if you excuse the pun! So my sleep pattern has definately changed; but it's nice to be up early watching them bathe & scurrying in the mud or lawn. They are so enquisitive...they peer through the glass patio doors & have just started to venture into the house, if i accidently on purpose leave the door ajar - to the annoyance of my girlfriend! Even my pet African grey has got into the habit of calling them ."Come on, come on...then a whistle!" they do's great to watch.... They are relatively easy to keep & fairly clean, only draw-back is that they love water so much that my pond gets dirty & smelly so quickly...i'm emptying it every i really need to invest in a pump & filter...but a power source is the wee problem that needs to be resolved, somehow! All in all...i reccommend they to any family...we have not children & only a relatively small garden...but we & our friends, just love them! The eggs are a bonus!!! regards Malc.

great little ducks - Curtis,

I had about ten of them or so. I had seven ducks and three drakes and although they had a big pen to go about they all stayed together.They are great for first timers but they quack really loud and early

Lovely Ducks - Natalie,

I have lots of ducks of varying breeds but my Call Ducks are by far my favourite! They make great mothers, and I can sit and watch them for hours - a brilliant first duck!

Friendly and easy to keep - Tess,

I have 5 call ducks, they get on well with my runner duck. One of them is imprinted on humans so he likes to come in the house. Although I have 3 drakes there is not much fighting.They will be happy in small groups, but they love attention so not in larger groups.

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