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River Itchen - Peter,

A pair in the river, much to the annoyance of the seagulls

Georgeous addition to my flock! - Jade,

Fabulous birds, stunning to look at and layers of large black eggs from Croft Waterfowl. Absolutely recommend.

pretty nice - Duckman46,

nice color and very cool (also very warm eggs)

- John,

Beautiful ducks,I hand raised them but they are prone to wondering. They are also very loud.

DUCK LOVER - Anjolie,

I have a Cayuga hen and she is the sweetest thing! I show her in 4-H and she is perfect doesn't try to escape or anything. I have another duck a Khaki Campbell drake and she doesn't take any of his crap. If you want a duck I suggest a Cayuga. P.S. I have some little ducklings on the way. If you don't have a store that sells ducks I suggest to order the eggs or ducklings from Metzer Farms, they are amazing!

- Linda,

I have a hen cayuga since few days old a year and half ago..she is mommys pretty princess and she knows it...her name is Shirley Linnie aka princess aka mommys llittle chicken chaser...she is my only duck that constantly chase my hens . I also have 2 pekin drakes a pekin hen a son from my coty and princess that is 13 wks noq and a male mallard...6 kids and each one has their own special awesome personalitys. They r very spoiled and they know it...they r very smart...

Lovely ducks. - June,

I started keeping Cayuga's from April when I hatched some incubated eggs. A really beautiful, sweet natured and friendly duck to own. The black feathers have a beautiful irridescent green gloss and they look stunning! Mine I'm guessing won't lay until next springtime because they are only a few months old but I'm looking forward to hatching some of their eggs next year.

we love our cayuga duck - Erica,

We added a cayuga duck to our chicken flock and she is very sweet. Very quiet and friendly. Hasn't started laying yet but we're looking forward to it.

Excellent Pet for a bird lover! - Craig,

I own two of these ducks. Both have been hand raised, and are handled by a number of people on a regular basis. Both believe they are dogs, relate to people the same way dogs relate to people, do not shy away from any animal and are very loyal and loving. Both are black, but there is a high degree of green in their feathers when placed in sunlight! I get many questions about them and almost everyone who meets them wants to take one home, (that will never happen as long as I'm breathing. I'd suggest this to anyone wanting a loving bird as a pet! Just feed them, treat them well, and you will have a friend for life!

lovely ducks with wonderful temper. - Gavin,

realy good to have around and very low maintanance. Have a nice soft quack

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