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The Runner duck is one of the most easily recognisable ducks and has always been popular due to their charm, striking appearance and high egg production. It is the furthest shape from the traditional Mallard breed. The Runner arrived in the UK from Asia in the 1850s but it has been around for a lot longer. It featured in the hieroglyphics of ancient Javan temples and is one of the descendants of the traditional herding ducks of Indo-Chinese Peninsula. The Runner has been used to create new breeds such as the Khaki Campbell. Indian Runners have been voted Omlet\'s favourite duck.


These ducks are perhaps the closest thing you can get to a Penguin or a walking wine bottle. You can spend many happy hours watching these slender creatures patter around your garden. They generally need less water than other varieties and can get by with just a tub of water in which to dunk their heads. These birds have a good nature, but can be rather jumpy at times. They are average in terms of noise level.


The standard varieties include White, Black, Buff, Chocolate and Gray although there are a wide range of other non-standard colours available.

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Unsexed Indian Runner Ducklings

Description: We have some lovely Indian Runner Ducklings for sale (unsexed). They start from £9.00 each. Various colours. We are based in Leatherhead, Surrey.

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my ducks - Vincent,

i breed Indian Runners and love them i spent a lot of time with them watching and learning ,,,its so interesting now have a bigger incubator and hatching more as my ducks lay eggs all year round i find they respond to my voice no matter how far from them i am

vary friendly - Anna,

i had 8 white and fawn indian runners and i am vary happy with them, they are super smart, and friendly, 2 of them even liked to snuggle. they all won blue ribbons at the fair, too. this is a nice 1st breed to have because they dont fly.

friendly, calm content ducklings - Laura,

Service was brilliant, we were able to pick them up pretty much straight away. There was no hassle, ducklings have settled very much into their new home. We were able to see the mum and dad which was nice to see where they came from as well. We would definitely buy from this seller again.

Indian Runners - Tom,

I have had my ducks for about 5 to 6 years now. My females do not seem to be laying too grandly for some reason! They are usually very nice, calm and relaxed . I also find them very lazy! Since I breed them I have a lot of knowledge on them, but I must say that they are easy to breed. THEY LOVE WATER

Friendly little girl - Alan,

A lovely duck which brings a smile to everyones face that sees her, she mixes great with my Aylesburys and Campbells, wish I could get another but cannot find anyone where I live (North Northumberland) that I can collect from.

Breeder Clubs for Indian Runners

British Waterfowl Association



Telephone: 01892 740212

Domestic Waterfowl Club



Telephone: 01488 638014

Indian Runner Club

Telephone: 01749 812758

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